Japanese Lessons

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Sushi Lesson on July 28


Today, I made some sushi with Nick-san and Patrick-kun.
It was their first time to make sushi, but they both did a great job!


結婚記念日(けっこんきねんび)- Wedding Anniversary

私たちは、ハリファックスのダウンタウンにある和食レストランSushi Shigeでおいしいお寿司をいただいて、一緒にお祝いをしました。
The 25th of June was Charissa and Carlos’s first wedding anniversary.
We went to the Japanese Restaurant, Sushi Shige, in downtown Halifax and ate delicious sushi to celebrate their anniversary together.

Carlos&Charissa SushiShige-1SushiShige-2

Christmas Tree


As my lesson had been cancelled due to snow on December 12th, I decorated my Christmas tree using the time!

Dinner and Learn

tracy-honoka-at-suzuki-1 tracy-honoka-at-suzuki-3 tracy-honoka-at-suzuki-2




On November 3, I went out to eat an authentic Japanese meal with Tracy and Honoka.
I ordered a Tempura Dinner and a few Nigiri-Sushi; it was really delicious!
Tracy practiced ordering food in Japanese.


img_9769      img_9788      img_9737

June 25 was Charissa and Carlos’s wedding! They had a beautiful wedding in a new Church and a memorable reception at the Lord Nelson Hotel. Charissa’s younger sister, Denise,  was the Maid of Honor.

They all come to their lessons together and we laugh a lot in the classes. They are hoping to travel together to Japan again sometime soon.