Iris Linguistic Agencies:
Teach English in Japan 教える – “How Much”


How much money will I need to bring with me to Japan for setup costs?

It is recommended that successful ALTs to bring at least 500,000 JPY to ensure a smooth transition in moving to Japan. This money will be used to pay initial costs for an apartment, buying household supplies, furniture, and to have enough to live on before receiving your first salary, which is paid at the end of the following month (this is the standard pay cycle in Japan). Successful candidates may be offered some financial assistance (up to 250,000 JPY) in the form of a short-term loan with an interest of 1% calculated each month on the principle amount borrowed. We do, however, ask you to bring the majority of the advised funds with you. These funds will be disbursed after you have set up a bank account, so please don’t plan on using this money for at least one week and a half.


How much can I make?

Most of our ATLs quality for a salary of 250,000 yen (230,000 base salary + 20,000 attendance bonus) per month, before withholding city taxes which average 10%. The monthly salary includes an attendance bonus, which will be paid in full each month if all professional responsibilities are executed.

There are assignments that will pay more based upon your Japanese ability, teaching experience, and willingness to accept an assignment in an isolated location. These salaries can range from 250,000 JPY a month to 260,000 JPY a month. The compensation for ALTs renewing contract for a second year or more will fifer from branch to branch, depending on their own internal policy.