Iris Linguistic Agencies:
Teach English in Japan 教える – “How”


How should I bring my money to Japan?

The most reliable method to bring all funds from overseas is in traveler’s cheques. Bank cheques, credit cards and bank cashing cards are not recommended because of the limited places that you can use them. It is also not recommended to bring cash.

How can I get a loan from the company?

For candidates requiring a loan, you will need to tell the recruiter during your interview exactly how much you will need. If you wait until just before you arrive to give us this information, your loan payment might be delayed. The way the loan is proceed is as follows:

  • You request the loan amount (up to 250,000 JPY maximum)
  • This information will be giving to our Tokyo head office to reserve the money for you before you arrive.
    Upon arrival in Japan (during the training or first school) you will need to get your alien registration card and an address where you are living before you can set up your bank account.
  • You need to submit a loan application form to your branch (this has to be done AFTER you arrive in Japan, not before.
  • Once your bank account is set up (after receiving your alien registration card), the money your requested will be deposited into your bank account.

Please note, you will need to bring enough fund with you to Japan to hold you over until the loan can be processed and deposited into your account. The approximate timeline for his is about 10 days to two weeks.

How do I settle in?

Depending on the branch, a “helper” may be assigned to each new ALT to assist with daily matters such as opening a bank account, registering at the local ward office, connecting gas, water and electricity, and explaining the garbage disposal system. We are also able to offer advice on economical telephone and internet access.



How will I travel to my school?

Some ALTs travel to school by bicycle, train or bus. Some even walk! All ALTs are reimbursed for their work-related transportation expenses. Some positions that will be offered to oversea candidates require a car. we will introduce you to a lease car company, so you can make arrangements. The placement department will be able to give you more information regarding car leases if you decide to accept a position that requires a car. If you are placed in one of these assignments, and are a US citizen, you will need to get an international license, please make sure to have the date of issue be the same as our arrival date. The reason for this is that your international license is only valid for one year and cannot be renewed in Japan. You will need to obtain a Japanese drivers license once your international license expires. You can obtain an international drivers license at AAA for a nominal fee. For Canadian citizens, you are able to transfer you driver’s license directly to a Japanese driver’s license for a nominal fee. You will just need to prove that you have driven in Canada for at least three months.

How about the advancement opportunities within the company?

Some advancement opportunities arise from time to time, either by becoming staff members in company departments or being promoted to a branch office managing consultant position. There are other opportunities such as head teacher in your area as well as ICT (independent-contracted trainer) positions that will become available to those who meet certain criteria. These positions will pay a higher salary.

How many lessons will I reach each week?

Most ALTs teach approximately 20 lessons per week., depending on the school. The remainder of their assigned work time includes lesson preparation and designated activities with students, such as eating school lunch.

How many schools will I visit?

Most of our ALTs are based at either one main “base’ school or visit a number of schools. The average assignment is between three to five schools, but there are some Japanese Boards of Education that have the ALT work in 10 schools or more. It will all depend on which Board of Education (BOE) you are placed in. The actual school assignment is usually not given by the BOE until about one month before you are due to arrive in Japan.

How long?

Most of our ALT positions start in either late March or late August, and last until March of the following year. Only applicants who are able to commit to the full term of the assignment are eligible for continuous employment consideration.