Iris Linguistic Agencies:
Teach English in Japan 教える – “When”


When will I know I have a job after an interview with a recruiter?

A letter advising you whether you have been successful or not will be sent to you within three weeks of being interviewed. By this time, you have to submit all visa related documents and work-related references, and we have been successful in contacting them. Please note: we cannot process your application or determine if you are a successful candidate until we have received all of the required documentation.

When will I know about my actual placement?

We suggest you to be flexible about the location you are going to be placed. The more flexible you are, the better your chances of successfully being hired. You might be offered a placement within one month of being hired, but usually you will not find out about your confirmed placement until one month (or less) before our arrival date. This is one of the reasons why we ask out candidates to be flexible with location preference.


When should I buy my plane ticket after being hired?

We ask that you do not buy your plane ticket until our placement has been confirmed. The Tokyo head office will be in email contact with you to let you know when the training will begin as well. This will usually take place one month before you are due to arrive in Japan.

When will I begin teaching?

Teaching assignments usually start approximately five to ten days after arrival after all candidates have undertaken the training and orientation program. In rare cases, you might be required to undergo a second training if you have not acquired the necessary skills to work as an ALT during your first year.

When is payday?

Our ALTs receive a monthly paycheck, deposited into their bank account that the ALTs sets up by themselves, on the last day of the month. When this day falls on a weekend or national holiday, the salary is deposited into the account on the previous business day. Depending on the starting date, the first paycheck will be received approximately six to eight weeks after commencing employment.