Welcome to Japanese Lessons in Halifax, Nova Scotia!

I teach Beginner and Intermediate Japanese Lessons covering both grammar and conversational Japanese. I have students from a wide range of age groups, starting with elementary and junior high school students, university students, and adults.

Beginners Japanese Conversational Lessons

This class is ideal for those who will be traveling to Japan or are simply interested in Japanese language.

Intermediate Japanese Conversational Lessons

Intermediate Japanese conversational lessons are more for those who would like to prepare for living in Japan, understand particular parts of Japanese culture, add more fun to university Japanese courses, or to delve into their own interests such as learning Chinese characters. Reading and writing lessons are included in this level.

Location: North-end Halifax, 2 minute walk from the Sobeys on Windsor St.

Lessons can facilitate:

  • Familiarity with Japanese language and culture
  • Exploration of more specific areas of interest, such as Japanese Anime and Japanese Language
    Proficiency test.
  • Skype lessons are available when you are away or the weather prevent you from coming to your lessons.

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