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忘年会(ぼうねんかい) Year-end Party

Boonenkai (literally, “forget-the-year party) is an annual event held at the end of the year by an organization or a group of friends. The purpose of the party is to look back at the passing year and show their appreciation for the hardships to each other.
They also have Boonenkai in order to forget all the bad times that happened during the year and start fresh from the very beginning of next year. 

Many bonenkai parties are held at Izakaya (Japanese style bars), but I heard that some parties are held at restaurants where serves variety of fancy sweets as more female colleagues and friends started to attend to the parties these days. 

Due to the pandemic, I heard hat most of the companies in Japan didn’t hold Boonenkai last year. Lat year was a very difficult year for most of us. I hope we all appreciate people working on the front lines of the Pandemic, learn from this difficult year, and make a fresh start.




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