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Monthly Archives: September 2016


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June 25 was Charissa and Carlos’s wedding! They had a beautiful wedding in a new Church and a memorable reception at the Lord Nelson Hotel. Charissa’s younger sister, Denise,  was the Maid of Honor.

They all come to their lessons together and we laugh a lot in the classes. They are hoping to travel together to Japan again sometime soon.

My memory of Summer 2016-2


One of my former students came to visit me this summer. We enjoyed talking about many things over the sushi I made.

She took my Japanese lessons from June 2013 to September 2015. She did very well with improving her Japanese. Now, she is studying Japanese and working at her university utilizing her Japanese and French language skills. We enjoy texting and talking all in Japanese.

I look forward to seeing her in Christmas.


Memory of Summer 2016-1


I visited Nanzenin Garden in Kyoto, this summer. It was very quiet when I visited and the green of the trees was absolutely beautiful. The whole garden was built so that we may admire the beauty of Japanese nature. I could totally meditate in the garden listening to the birds singing and the sound of the temple bell. This is one of the gardens that we should visit with good manner.