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Holiday Gathering – 2

I had a holiday gathering for my adult students on Tuesday, December 10, 2019. As many of my adult students have their family to look after, I separated gatherings in several different days.

We enjoyed a chopstick game by picking a marble with chopsticks and transferring it from one bowl to another also a Shiritori game. Shiritori game is a word game that the player is required to say a word which begins with the final sound of the word that previous player said. The word can’t end with a sound of “n”, so you could start with, ‘gakki”がっき→”kimono”(きもの)→”nori”(のり), and “risu”(りす), but “gakki” (がっき)can’t be followed by “kirin”(きりん)as it ends with “n” sound.

Thank you all for joining my gathering!!!

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