Lunar New Year – Kimono

The Lunar New Year Ceremony was held on Saturday, February the 2nd, 2019 at the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21.

We used to celebrate Lunar New Year until Meiji Restoration (1867), but nowadays, we cerebrate the Gregorian New Year (the same as Canada) as the Japanese government does not designate the old lunisolar new year as a public holiday.

I heard that when Japanese people used to cerebrate Lunar New Year, married women were allowed to go home to visit their own parents to spend a couple days with their parents and family.
For that special occasion, their husband’s parents prepared expensive kimono for their daughter-in-law to show how well they are treating them.
I think it is a pretty sad history of Japanese women…

I demonstrated how to wear Kimono at the Lunar New Year Ceremony this year and would like to show you how I looked in Kimono.