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Special Lesson

On Wednesday, January 29, I had a special lesson showing one episode from the Japanese TV program and talked about some on the Japanese culture, etiquette, as well as some common Japanese phrases. This lesson also included a tasting of a simple Japanese dish that was in the TV episode.

My current students seemed to enjoy it, and I will notify via my website and on my Facebook page when I am able to offer special class like this in the future.

– Minimum 3 students and max 5 students to offer a class — The estimated charge will be from $20 to $25 per student 
– For now, I am considering around noon or 1 pm one 
weekday and it will be 90 minutes long.
– If you are interested in Japanese culture, but not so much  
on the language, this may be a good introduction to learn 
more about Japan.

Thank you very much!

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