Japanese Lessons

Halifax, Nova Scotia

About Yoko’s Lessons

I enjoy teaching Japanese and spending time with young people as they inspire me and keep me young! They make me feel good with what I do.

My Japanese lessons are scheduled from Monday to Friday, and Saturday is for special lessons/events only. I always meet with my potential students before we start weekly lessons to give you an opportunity to meet with me. I personally can learn better from somebody I like, so this will give you a chance to figure out whether or not you would like to continue our lessons. If you are a beginner student, I will explain the basic of the Japanese language. If you already know the language, then I will chat with you in Japanese and I will figure out your level of Japanese. I can customize your lessons based on your goal and your availability after your basic Japanese grammatical lessons.

I am going to offer some special lessons on Saturdays. These lessons are for people who are interested in the Japanese culture, but not so much in the language yet, or simply for somebody would like to try anything Japanese. These lessons/events will be held just once or twice per month, so please check my announcement regularly. I will invite special guests to hear their memorable trips to Japan over lunch or dinner. I am also planning to offer lessons by watching Japanese dramas. This may be good for those who have some knowledge of the Japanese language. 

Thank you so much for being a part of my life helping me to become the self sufficient, financially independent, caring and strong person who I wanted to be. 

I hope to see you soon!